Resting Space

A Sound Bath with Alignment Sound Energy

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Wake up your ability to hear with more than just your ears as you bathe in the sounds of 14 different instruments… 

Saturday, June 29 | 1:00 – 2:30pm 

Join us for a transformative experience where you can fully let go and immerse yourself in the soothing harmonies and vibrations of a sound bath.

Led by Austin Shook from Alignment Sound Energy, this session features a variety of instruments designed to help you achieve deep relaxation and guide your nervous system into a parasympathetic state. These powerful sound vibrations will create a space for you to connect with your inner self, fostering a deep connection with your body.

This unique experience invites you to explore your essence, engage deeply with ethereal sound vibrations, and enter a state of release, relaxation, and meditation. The vibrations from the sound bath touch every part of your being, resonating not just through your ears but through every cell in your body. These unique tones initiate healing processes, making it the perfect environment for deep meditation, creative thinking, and receiving intuitive insights.

To fully benefit from this session, we recommend wearing unrestrictive athletic wear that allows for ease of movement and relaxation. Please bring a yoga mat and be ready to use studio props, including blankets and bolsters, to enhance your comfort and experience.

Come and let the healing power of sound wash over you, guiding you to a place of deep peace and inner connection.

Open to members + non-members! $45/person.


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